Information about commisions.

Commissions are made from photographs or requests of nearly any subject matter you like and are priced to reflect the size and complexity of the work. A typical single subject 9" x 11" pencil portrait is generally $100 plus shipping. A typical landscape or similar 9" x 11" watercolor is generally $200 plus shipping. Work will typically take two to four weeks to complete.

Please remember:

  • Three photographs, which you should rank in order of preference should be included with payment and will be returned with the completed work.
  • The artist will make every effort to use your first choice of photograph but, occasionally even very flattering photographs do not lend themselves to fine art renderings.
  • Artwork is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and if, after receiving a commissioned work you are not happy, simply return the original artwork and we will issue a return of your payment minus a 20% kill fee and shipping charges.
  • Items are shipped without frames.
  • Pay Pal may only be used when shipping to continental United States addresses.
  • Personal checks are accepted.
  • Items are shipped with pre-paid insurance.
  • Shipping is $10.00 minimum on all items, but will be adjusted as applicable
  • Feel free to contact the artist via the email link with ANY question.
  • All rights are reserved by the artist and H. Buchholz Artworks, acceptance of the completed work is your acknowledgement of these rights.