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The telephone handles two kinds of information: signals and voice, at different times on the same twisted pair of wires. Occasionally handles a twisted conversation as well.

Swivelback Chair

The office chair was strategically designed to increase the productivity of clerical employees by making it possible for them to remain sitting at their desks for long periods of time. A swiveling chair with caster wheels allowed employees to remain sitting and yet reach a number of locations within their work area, eliminating the time and energy expended in standing. And thus giving rise to the the condition known as "office butt".

straightback chairs

One of the earliest woven chair seats is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection. You can get this original drawing of a chairs with woven seats for your very own dining room!


Space suit, just like major Tom's. A space suit is a complex system of garments, equipment and environmental systems designed to keep a person alive and comfortable in the harsh environment of outer space with great style.

lilly pads

Water Lilies. Not the one at the MOMA.

water lily

The viability of water lily seeds is exceptionally long, around 2000 years. I'd give this painting another 100 yrs., tops.

mex sun

Everybody paints flowers. So what? Everybody LIKES flowers!


The strawberry is whitish-Green as it develops and in most species turns red when ripe, or really embarassed.

Mexican Sunflowers

The practice of assigning meanings to flowers is known as floriography. The practice of assigning meaning to art is called pretentiousology.


In addition to linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid), sunflower seeds are also an excellent source of dietary fiber, protein, Vitamin E, and minerals such as magnesium and selenium. Additionally, they are high in cholesterol-lowering phytosterols. Tweety likes 'em, too.


In Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins, redheads are said to be children of the moon, thwarted by the sun and addicted to sex and sugar. I wonder if Tom read Pippi Longstocking as a child?