How To Commission A Portrait

If you would like to commission a portrait from a photo and painted in my style (see the people gallery) contact me by clicking the email button with subject line "portrait". We can discuss choosing a photo and size (see below).

I charge a 20% "kill fee" upfront to start project (if you kill the project that recoups some of my materials, time, etc.)

Artist retains printing rights.

Shipping to US addresses only, international, please contact.

1 - 2 weeks to finish portrait and items ship on Saturdays.

8" x 10" $200 (plus $8.45 shipping)
9" x 12" $270 (plus $15.50 shipping)
11" x 14" $385 (plus $20 shipping)
12" x 16" $480 (plus $20 shipping)
16" x 20" $800 (free shipping)

Artwork © 2021 H. Buchholz. Support: BNation Art Group