How To Commission A Portrait

If you would like to commission a portrait from a photo and painted in my style (see the people gallery) contact me by clicking the email button with subject line "portrait". We can discuss choosing a photo and size (see below).

I charge a 20% "kill fee" upfront to start project (if you kill the project that recoups some of my materials, time, etc.)

Artist retains printing rights.

1 - 2 weeks to finish portrait and items ship on Saturdays.

8" x 10" $200 (plus $8.45 shipping)
9" x 12" $270 (plus $15.50 shipping)
11" x 14" $385 (plus $20 shipping)
12" x 16" $480 (plus $20 shipping)
16" x 20" $800 (free shipping)

Artwork © 2021 H. Buchholz. Support: BNation Art Group